Academic Goals
Academic Goals


Write using correct letter formation and spacing.

Write a complete telling sentence.
Write a complete asking sentence.

Communicate through written language.

Identify parts of speech: noun, noun marker, verb

Use correct capitalization

Use correct punctuation




Identify and use spelling patterns/rules when writing.


(August - November)
Read 30 words a minute for the beginning of the year.

(November - Februrary)

Read 45 words a minute for mid-year

(February - April)

Read 60 words a minute for the end-of -the-year.


Reading Comprehension = 80% or higher all year.



Read, write, manipulate numbers 1-100 in and out of order.

Read and understand graphs.

Create patterns independently.

Add one-digit numbers independently.

Subtract one-digit numbers independently.

Read and answer story problems independently.



Understand and use the scientific process.

Identify and use science tools correctly.

(balance or scale, liquid and metric measurements,

hand lense, magnets, objects, etc.)


 Social Studies:

Learn about the world around them.

Geography skills (maps): Read maps

Rules/laws : Practice abiding by the rules/laws

(school and community)

Community helpers: Identify and explain jobs and

their importance in life.

Famous Americans: Identify and explain how each

one became famous.

Holidays: Identify and explain the importance of

each one.